pressure washing your home

The Amateur’s Guide to Pressure Washing Your Home Like a Pro

As a homeowner, one of the biggest responsibilities you face is cleaning looming dirt outside your home: the driveways, home exterior, walkways, and decks. Hiring an professional pressure washing service can be expensive. And the thought of doing it by your own hands is painful. Luckily, there is a way which is cost-efficient and devoid of the pain guaranteed by handwork – the pressure washer! Using it not only saves money, but also saves time and precious water – yes, water! Using a pressure washer instead of a garden hose saves 80% of water!

Considering all the advantages, if you’re wondering how to go about choosing and using a pressure washer, here is a complete guide helping you do the same.

Choosing the Ideal Pressure Washer

Different materials can withstand different water pressures. And therefore, you must choose a pressure … Read the rest

paint your home exterior

How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

An excellent way to bring the exterior of your home back to life is by coating it with fresh paint. The application of a new batch of paint to the exterior of the house is a pretty affordable way to make your house look beautiful and new again. On top of that, the paint acts as a protective layer to the house.

To make your house look visually appealing the exterior paint should be applied correctly. There are different paints available for different exteriors types such as vinyl, masonry, aluminum, wood, or stucco. A little basic idea of the painting, knowledge on choosing the correct paints and having good quality coats/ applicators surely helps. To achieve that professional finish, read on to learn the step-by-step procedure of painting a house exterior.

  1. Surface Prep-up

First focus on preparing the surface so … Read the rest

wash and paint it now - how to paint a room

The Ultimate Guide on How to Paint a Room in Your House Professionally

Are you planning to paint a room in your house but unsure what the best way to go about it is? I’m sure many of you probably at least attempted to pain a room in your house before, perhaps with not such professional results.

Maybe it already crosses your mind to just hire somebody to do the task, but, if you’re on a tight budget or a do-it-yourselfer at heart, you’re gonna want to check out these tips. Maybe, you already have an idea on what paint color you should use but you don’t have a little fear about starting since you don’t know how to begin painting.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Painting a room in your house doesn’t have to be that tormenting. With the correct tools and knowledge, you’ll have the confidence and power to … Read the rest